Friday, 6 May 2011

The Fall of Rome

Halfway through repairing the Roman soldier (centurion? not sure of his rank) that Mum and Uncle Bee brought back from their trip to JPII's beatification. Roo was delighted with it because he has been fascinated with Roman soldiers since Easter and their part in the Crucifixion/ Resurrection. He also, bizarrely, predicted that Granny might bring back such a thing, even though she is unaware of his current interest. *Cue Twilight Zone music*
Anyway, off he went straight away to build a very impressive barracks (garrison? Must do some Roman empire homework) out of Lego. Happy out... and off to bed.
The FIRST thing he said when he woke this morning was, 'where's my Roman soldier?' eek! UNFORTUNATELY, during the night, one of his barbarian brothers, the youngest, suffering from teething, pushed Toyus Maximus off the table. As you can see, he didn't survive the fall. In hindsight, as good as he looked, he was never going to survive the rough and tumble in this house.


Anne said...

Clever title! Kee, I love your Prayer on your sidebar! I'm going to copy that and pray it at work every day! Thanks for your sweet and lovely blog!

kee said...

Thank you Anne! Yes, I think it is a very powerful prayer. Hope you are keeping well. x