Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bye bye piddies!

Those were the words of Poonch as we visited the piggies for the last time today. Of course we hadn't told the lads that our porcine friends were going to the factory, but you'd swear they knew anyway, as Poonchie repeated the words during the day.
It is quite sad to think of the fate that awaits them, but they have had a much happier life than most of the domestic pigs of this world, and we do eat p-o-r-k and b-a-c-o-n (whisper). I was very glad once again, that the little pink fellas hadn't been growing in our back garden though. That is one lesson that our boys are a bit too young to learn just yet and how would we have explained their sudden disappearance?

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Miss Ellen E. said...

Yes, a tough lesson for your wee lads but sometimes children can accept things in a much more matter-of-fact way than we so-called grown-ups.

I think, like you, I'd have found it hard to explain their disappearance if they'd been in your back yard!

By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog.