Friday, 3 December 2010

Toy show, toy show!

Here is the Poonch watching the afore-mentioned Toy Show on RTE player. It is a week since the original broadcast, but he keeps asking to watch it again. This from a bookle who doesn't go in much for telly. So thanks to the wonders of the internet, here he is watching it yet again, from behind the safety gate, there to protect my beloved computer from his destructive streak!

Meanwhile, one of the more pleasant things about this cold spell is that Lee has collected Roo from playschool a few times to avoid my having to drag his two little brothers out of the warmth onto dangerously slippery roads.
This means that Poonch gets a proper bed-snooze, which he still really needs, rather than an unsatisfactorily short car-nap.

The reason I am able to write this post is that he is asleep and I am pinned to the sofa under another slumbering babe and his big brudda, back from practising the Christmas play and very sad to see that the snow has disappeared. Unfortunately for him, we have escaped the heavy snow that has blanketed much of the rest of the country. I, on the other hand, am thanking God for the reprieve. How very boring we become as adults. I was just remembering the excitement I felt one year in college when, close to our Christmas exams, there was a flurry of snow. Of course, back then I only had myself to worry about. Nowadays, with three little people and a hubby who depends on his car for all of his work, snow brings many other concerns. But I think on balance, I have a MUCH better deal now! God is good. :)

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Miss Ellen E. said...

A lovely picture of domestic bliss.

I agree with you about the snow. Fun at first, but we soon realise it's really quite a pain!

Snowbound here atm but have been out walking so good exercise at least!