Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Not much time for blogging or anything else at the moment. My days are completely filled by just trying to keep the three lads fed, warm and clean.
Before he got sick, Roo had been learning all about dinosaurs at playschool. He's been surprising me with lots of big new words like 'extinct' and various dino names (dinosaurs aren't one of my strong points-'mummy, what's that one?' 'hmmm, not sure, diplodoccus?' 'Or an apatasaurus, maybe?' 'Clunk!' i.e. Sound of me falling over in shock and admiration).
Here's a picture of a T. rex he brought home a couple of weeks ago. Little Toot, sitting in his new Bumbo seat/throne, wasn't really bothered by him- that's his foot in the photo- mind you, compared to the attention he receives from his older brothers, the dinosaur was very tame.

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