Wednesday, 19 May 2010

An answer to prayer?

It is very warm today. But that's not the only reason it's a lovely day.

Poonch, Roo and I all squeezed into the doctor's surgery to check out Poonch's head circumference. Last week, the health centre doctor decided he needed to be checked by a paediatrician because his head circumference (HC) had crossed percentiles since he was born. Being 16 months now, there is no space in Poonch's health record book to record his current HC and I couldn't remember the figure she measured because I got such a fright from being told he needed to see a paediatrician. Waiting for an appointment could take months in the public system, so after voicing my worries to Lee and Mum (exacerbated by a brief trip on the internet... I KNOW!...) I asked my GP for a private referral. She said she'd have to examine him in order to write a letter, so in we went today.

Roo read a lovely Richard Scarry book from the waiting room while our GP gave Poonch the once-over. Then she checked his head circumference against a chart she had.
And pronounced it normal and decided there was no indication for referring him.
So is this a case of 'doctors differ' (and Mums worry) or a true miracle whereby Poonchy's head shrank back to normal size?

Either way, I am most grateful to Louis and Zelie Martin, who went through the pain of losing four of their children, and William Tirry, whose resting place (Fethard Augustinian Abbey church) we visited last weekend. All of them put in a good word for us.

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