Friday, 4 September 2009

Show me, show me a birthday boy

Today the buildup to Roo's third birthday begins as Lee's Mum comes to stay for the weekend. For the first time, he is aware of what a birthday entails because he has been to a few birthday parties over the Summer and seen things on his favourite telly programme, the wonderful 'Show Me, Show Me'. So I have requests for a party including jelly, cake (chocolate of course), balloons and sandwiches. The Argos catalogue has been pored over time and again; every so often something gets pointed out to me, usually involving Thomas, Bob or Lego. He didn't realise until very recently that you can actually buy the things in the catalogue. Up until then, it was just this really interesting book which seemed to contain everything in the whole world, although the toy pages were what he looked at most. But he is a good little boy and doesn't pester us for things.

The blog has been quiet lately because my lovely phone, which I sent most of my posts from, got broken. In the meantime, Lou has started crawling! And he has four teeth now, with more on the way, if his nappies are anything to go by...

I must get cracking now and start tidying and baking!

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