Friday, 29 May 2009

Ticky tocky pudding

We had planned to go to a local playgroup for the first time today, but to cut a long story short, we didn't.
So we got to work on something i started a couple of days ago when i boiled
225g chopped dates in
250ml tea for 1minute.
Being a warmer day than we are used to,
100g butter was lovely and easy to beat. Roo added
175g golden caster sugar and stirred away until really soft. Next we beat in
3 eggs individually. Then we added
1tsp vanilla extract with the dates and tea and mixed like crazy. Finally we sifted
225g self raising flour (actually 100g wholemeal sr plus 125g white sr in a pointless attempt to make it healthier) together with
3quarters tsp bicarb and 1 tsp mixed spice. I poured the mixture into the closest thing we have to a
20cm lined greased cake tin and fiddled about with our rubbish oven until i thought it was at a moderate temperature. Then i cooked it for about 45minutes.
Voilà.! La cake. Next step- the sticky toffee sauce.

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