Thursday, 17 July 2008

Happy Beeeeirthday to me!

Today I had a very very happy birthday! First of all, Lee wished me Happy Birthday and gave me a really cool pressie: a beautifully-wrapped wind-up radio! It's gorgeous: metallic red and cutely square-shaped. I love it. Then I discovered a beautiful, witty hand-made card on the kitchen table from Lee.

Next the three of us zoomed into town for my booking visit at the maternity hospital. We even got a car parking space: wonder of wonders.

We were seen by a lovely midwife of Mum's generation: Breda Daffy, who took a shine to Wee (surprise-surprise) and like a guardian angel kept popping up around the place for the rest of the morning, making sure we were doing ok. My bloods were taken by another Breda, a lovely, friendly lady who reminded me of the Pat Shortt nurse Moloney (but in a good way!).

Then we waited a long time for our scan. The Babycake was looking good: s/he did that thing with his/her hands that Roo used to do: covering the ears as if the ultrasounds were too noisy! S/he at one point put both arms behind the head as if leaning back chun a scith a ligeant! Taking it easy!

Then we joined another queue for the doctor: pretty pointless: Lee or Mum could have taken my blood pressure and asked me if I was feeling ok and we wouldn't have had to wait in a crowded room for ages to do that.

When Wee and me got home, we were surprised to see a car speeding into the driveway: it was Mum/Granny on a top-secret mission! She was laden with cards, pressies and more flowers. I felt really special! She also had a couple of piccies of my cousin's new baby and a scratch card that actually was a winner!

When Lee got home he had a chocolate bar which he was anxious for me to open. Inside was a shiny Willy Wonka style invitation to a Bee-keeping course! What a brilliant idea!! It was such a thoughtful, sweet present and tied in all the references to honey bees that Lee had dotted through the day. He thought everything out so well, the superstar that he is.

Finally we had a yummy homemade Chocolate Cloud Cake, courtesy of Lee once more. The dastardly oven didn't quite manage to burn it. I hate that oven, grrr....

On top of all this, yesterday Lee brought home a fab bouquet chosen by none other than Babba-Roo. The Babycake sent his good wishes too.

Talking of whom, I think I felt the BC moving about this morning while we were listening to Fred on the wind-up radio in bed.

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