Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Swee' pea!

It’s a cold day but the sun is shining and I’ve been in the garden again while Wee is asleep. Today I planted some Sweet Pea seeds. These ones are a trailing variety called Sweetie Mix. I’m not sure if they are scented ones or not- it doesn’t tell you on the packet, unfortunately. Well, we will see... it will add to the anticipation, won’t it? Just by coincidence, this morning I found an old article from the Telegraph about growing Sweet peas.

Also, I did a little experiment: I soaked two of the seeds overnight in water to see if they would germinate quicker. All the seeds are in pots now, covered with newspaper in Mum's room.

Just looked at the website- they are scented. Hooray!

There's info on the website that's not on the packet. That's where I got the photo too.

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